domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017


Dreaming about you, swimming across the clouds,
thinking about me and the things I love about.
It's a little disappointment.
Porque todo ha quedado hace rato en un stand by,
that I have to hold on to, aunque me coacciona
el olvido and those last words I couldnt hear from you,
cuando cerraste las puertas y quemaste las naves.

There is no way to get back on my feet despues
de el insomnio que sobreviví, escapando de tu pesadilla,
just to realize that everything was tuned in to a dream,
pero sobreviví, años despues.
Its no true that time heal,
es un mito, son las razones las que te ubican.

I'm feeling kind a lost along time ago, but that is just a perception
of my reality, everything around seems to collide
contra mis emociones,
y me siento abrumado por decepciones
that don't belong to me.

I tend to connect with people that only need help,
but there is nothing i can do.
Si aveces solo puedo salvarme yo y eso
con un bulto de complicidades.

What the hell you want from me?
I'm not in the mood of starting from
the end in your beginning,
you better make up your mind girl.

Apareciste como alguien que dibujaba estrellas,
te costo dar el paso adelantando when you did,
everything was over,
now the end is there,
the freaking end is here and i don't want to deal with it.

Me vació, me torció, me ubico, solo para entender
que no entiendo absolutamente nada.
That my delusion about all of there was just and invention of yours,
and I was just the puppet that lasted what is last a cigarette,
when the night comes down and the rain starts to appear,
para dejarme como tierra lodosa sin ganas de secar.

Stop and think, don;t you do it again,
don't waste my time and love, please!
just fuck off, and dont ever come back like a shining moon on the night
of depressing happiness.

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